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Eren, client at Scalptist London

Its only been 1 session but its already settled beautifully. Everyone who don’t know I’ve had it done just thinks it’s normal hair lol. And the people who do know just stare and say that’s mad. It just looks amazing.
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Dwayne, client at Scalptist London

Since my mid 20s i had to learn to deal with losing my hair. I’ve always thought about hair transplants but never fancied the healing process. Then I found @scalptist on Instagram, the guy is a G! It’s so weird catching myself in the mirror.
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Trey, client at Scalptist London

I’m still amazed by the work, thank you so much bro. Weird thing is all it took was 10 days to forget the last 20 years of male pattern baldness. When I look at the bald pics now it looks like another guy. Thank you man.
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Mauri, client at Scalptist Travelled from Germany

My family and friends response were crazy.  Everybody is like how is that possible, its absolutely insane. Once the redness disappeared and the colour settled, it all blended perfectly. It’s nice and i’m in love with myself again. Thank you.
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